Best Practices

Git and GitHub

  • Create a separate pull request for each bug.
  • If you have multiple commits in one pull request, squash them into one. For complex patches, having multiple commits might make the review easier.
  • If you are working with multiple bugs at a time, make sure you create a separate branches for each bug.
  • If you need to make changes to the commit, perhaps after feedback, amend the original commit and comment in the pull request what you’ve changed. Don’t create a new pull request or commit.
  • Include the bug number in your commit & pull request title. If possible follow this style -Some text description (bug XXXXXXX).
  • Don’t work on an assigned bug. If you see the bug assignee hasn’t responded for a while (two weeks), then ask for permission if you can work on that bug.
  • For frontend pull requests, attach screenshots if relevant.
  • Put a link to the PR in the bug as a comment.