The Mozilla Webdev Group

Webdev is an informal group of people across the Mozilla project that are interested in or work in web development. Webdev isn’t linked to a specific team and welcomes everyone who wants to be a part of it to join.

As a new contributor, the primary use of the Webdev group will be to help answer questions you have or to help you find interesting projects to work on. Later on, you can start attending some of our online meetings to meet the rest of the group and keep up to date with what everyone else is up to.

How to Talk to Us

There’s two main channels of communication for the group:

If you ever have any question, regardless of how difficult it is, you can share it on those channels and someone should help you out. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! You’re trying to help us, so it’s only fair that we try to help you in return.

Find a Mentor!

It’s also a good idea to find someone to mentor you as a new contributor. Having someone you can personally ask for help from is incredibly helpful in finding your way around.

If you’re a new employee, your mentor may be your manager, or it may be a coworker. If you’re a volunteer, ask someone who works on the project you want to contribute to, and if they cannot mentor you themselves, they should be able to direct you to someone who can.